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The Rest of the Day at Hershey Park – Blog Post #7

Once the Imaginative One and I met back up, we went to the Boardwalk which is the water park in Hershey Park.

Since it was in the 90’s, most of the visitors to the park were at the Boardwalk so there was lines on ALL of the water slides and the lazy river.  The Imaginative One and I once again split up because I was not going to ride the same water rides.  This time our meeting place was the locker we rented for the few hours we were going to be in the Boardwalk.

While I was waiting for him, I found out that Chester Bennington of Linkin Park was found dead.  I will forever remember that moment.

Once we cooled off in the Boardwalk, we went and got more food to eat.

The Imaginative One’s goal for the day was to ride almost all if not all of the roller coasters.  Since it was so hot outside, he ended up getting on all of them with little or no wait except for one.  Laff Traxx is an indoor roller coaster.  The line for the ride was an hour long.  While he waited in line, I people watched.  He normally does not like waiting in long lines but did not mind with this roller coaster.

We also rode the Ferris Wheel and the monorail before heading out for the day.  It was a day well spent.

Both of us ended up with sunburns because of being in the sun all day long.

Enjoy my video from the remainder of the day.

Join me next week for when we visited Chocolate World for the last time. I also decided to take the trolley tour which was the best decision because the Imaginative One truly enjoyed it.

There are only 3 more blog posts about our getaway.  Then I’m going to share photos from Hubby’s and my visit to the Toledo Zoo and then our visit to Kentucky.  When we were in Kentucky, we visited the Newport Aquarium and then boys at summer camp.

Once I’m finished with those posts, I’ll begin my posts about visiting Pittsburgh on Labor Day Weekend.

Have a magical day,

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