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Wandering Around Hershey Park ALONE – Blog Post #6

After I finished visiting ZooAmerica, I wandered around the park some more before I was supposed to meet up with the Imaginative One.

I enjoyed riding on the Sky View which is a gondola type ride.  You ride over a little lake type ride and past a few of the roller coasters.  I just wish it was a longer ride.  However I was able to get some cool photos while on the ride.

I also got to hear the Hershey Park band which was cool.

Since my 90 minutes were up and I could get more food, I opted to get myself a second lunch while waiting for the Imaginative One.

He ended up meeting me 10 minutes prior to the time that we agreed to.  I  was proud of his responsibility.

After we met up, we decided to go to the Boardwalk which is the water park at Hershey Park.  I’ll share the video from there and the remainder of our day next week.

Enjoy my video from when I visited wandered around the park alone.

Have a magical day,

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