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ZooAmerica – Blog Post #5

After I allowed the Imaginative One to go off on his own, it was my turn to explore the park.  He would not be happy with his mom not wanting to ride all of the roller coasters.  I like roller coasters but some are too much for me and it was really hot.  (90s)

One of the places I explored was ZooAmerica.  Admission to the zoo was part of the admission to the park so I took advantage of visiting the zoo.

It’s a small zoo with animals that are native to North America.  It’s only 11 acres with 200 animals.

I enjoyed the bears.  They were out and fighting/ playing.  One was in the tub by the window so I got to see it up close and personal.

Enjoy my video from when I visited ZooAmerica.

Visiting ZooAmerica was not the only thing I did during my alone time at the park.  Join me next week to find out what else I did while the Imaginative One was off enjoying the Roller Coasters.

Have a magical day,

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