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Thursday Morning at Hershey Park – Blog Post #4

After we were finished with Chocolate World, we crossed over to the Hershey Park area and then waited in line before entering the park.

Before we could go on any rides, we needed to find out about the all day drink package I bought and the all day food package.  I needed to know where to redeem my vouchers.

The food package allows you to get food at certain restaurants throughout the park.  At each restaurant, you have a limited menu except the restaurant near the Hershey Triple Drop Tower.  I was able to find more to eat there.  The meals were an entree and then side item.  You are allowed to get a meal every 90 minutes.

The drink package was a different.  You could refill your drinks every 10 or so minutes.  I cannot remember the amount of time but it was reasonable.

Of course, we went on a day there was a rare heat advisory so the drinks were welcome.  We ate way too much which is not good on a hot day.  Maybe next time we will get one food package and share the food.

During the morning hours before it got too hot, we rode on the Sooper Dooper Looper which was the first roller coaster I ever rode when I was a child.  The Imaginative One did not want to ride it a second time so he went off and rode a different roller coaster.  I rode the ride with a nervous girl.  I reassured her and sat in the same row with her so that she was less nervous.  She enjoyed the ride.  Always the teacher no matter where I go.

I rode the Twin Turnpike ride while he rode on the Great Bear.  Then we met back up to ride the Kissing Tower together before getting our first meal of the day.

After the meal, we made plans for him to go off and ride the roller coasters.  He had about 1.5 to 2 hours before we would meet back up.

So what did I do during my time without him?  You’ll have to see on my next blog post.

Have a magical day,

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