My Favorite P!nk Songs Part 1

Since I’m preparing to see P!nk in concert, I’m going to share my favorite songs of her.  Alecia Moore, aka P!nk, has been on the music scene since around 2000.  

I did not really begin to listen to her until her sophomore album Mizunderstood.  It was not until I heard “Just Like a Pill” that I fell in love with her music.

Even though the song is about her drug addiction as a youth, you as the listener can interpret the song any way you see fit.  Right now, I’m thinking about the medication they put on me after my surgery.  “‘Stead of makin’ me better, you keep makin’ me ill.”  That medication made me ill.

Another song of hers “Get the Party Started” will forever remind me of my pregnancy with the Imaginative One.  He was so content staying in utero so I kept singing him this song over and over again.  I ended up having to be induced because he wouldn’t listen to me.

“Who Knew” is about a lost love.  Whenever I hear the song now, I think of my sister.  “I keep you in my memory.  You visit me in my sleep.”

I’m such a bad mother. This was the Wee One’s favorite song when he was a toddler. We would play the song over and over again. It’s still our inside joke. This is when my boys fell in love with P!nk’s music.

“Glitter in the Air” is a beautiful song. “Have you ever looked fear in the face and said I just don’t care?”

“Perfect” is my just f— it song. The song that I play on the highest volume when I’ve had a day that was rough. It reminds me that “You’re fuckin’ perfect to me.”

“Raise Your Glass” is a fun song. “So raise your glass if you are wrong, In all the right ways, All my underdogs” reminds it’s okay to be your own unique self.

“Don’t Let Me Get Me” is another fun song of hers. “I’m own worse enemy.”

The last two albums of P!nk are my two favorite albums. I’ll discuss all my favorite songs from those albums in a different posts.

Have a magical day,

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