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Visit to Downtown Folly – Day 6 Part 4

Tuesday was my brother-in-law and sister-in-law’s wedding anniversary so they went out to dinner.  We were left in charge of my niece and nephew.

After visiting with family who lived in the Charleston area, we ate dinner.  I cooked myself some shrimp which made my niece just squeal with disgust.  For the rest of the week, the mere mention of shrimp grossed her out so I would say it just to hear her complain.

The rest of the family ate leftovers because they did not want to indulge in the shrimp which left me enough for another meal.

I made plans to take the kids down to the downtown area so we could get shaved ice after dinner.  We discovered the Wee One had drunk a few too many pops so his punishment was not to get a shaved ice.  My nephew decided not to get one so it left just my niece and the Imaginative One getting the shaved ice.

We decided to take my 14 year old niece into a store for a little browsing.  It was fun but that is not the Imaginative One’s idea of a great time.

During that trip to downtown, we made memories that will last us a long time.  I also got my favorite photo of my niece and the Imaginative One together.  The photo is of the back of their heads as they were walking along talking and laughing.

They are 2 months and 3 days apart in age.  She, the oldest of the two, has only been bigger than him once in her life and that was when he was born and she was two months old. He is now almost as tall as her brother who is 16 years old.  Soon he will tower over both his cousins.

Enjoy the short video of our time in downtown Folly.

Join me next week for Tuesday evening’s sunset.

After that, I will begin sharing videos of Day 7 of our trip.  On Day 7, we visited White Point Garden and the Battery, the Citadel, downtown Charleston, and watched the sunset from a different spot on the island.

I’m enjoying sharing my photos as a video because I can tell a narrative of our trip before sharing a video with our photos of the trip.

Have a magical day,

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