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Songs that were my jam 30 years ago

1988 – The year I became a teenager.  So many events happened to me during that influential year.

  1.  In early February of that year, I was a 12 year old who did not think when I went sledding.  I ended up breaking my left leg in 2 places.  20 years after the devastating break, I ended up having a pinched nerve in that leg.
  2. I ended up getting braces that year.
  3. I joined the International Order of Rainbow in early June of that year.  I would be an active member of Rainbow until my 20th birthday.
  4. In June, I was in my aunt’s wedding.  I got to see MTV for the first time.  The first two videos I remember watching was Gun N’ Roses’ Sweet Child O Mine and D.J. Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince’s Parents Don’t Understand.

These songs remind me of that year of change.

Hubby and I were talking about music and the decades of music that we bring out the nostalgia.  1988 until 2000 were those years for me.  I was a teenager and young adult during those years.  Different songs from those years remind me of events that happened in my life.

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