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South Carolina – Day 1 (Trip down to North Carolina)

Join me on Saturdays for posts about our South Carolina trip.

On June 22, we left for our South Carolina trip. The first two days of our trip were going to be spent in North Carolina before heading down to South Carolina.

June 22 was the Wee One’s birthday and our birds’ hatch day. I had to take a photo of the two of them together before we left for the trip.


Our drive through West Virginia


There were dips in the road. Fortunately they posted signs when there was going to be a dip.

The buildings are in the capital of West Virginia – Charleston.

The rest of the photos are scenery.


The Capitol Building in Charleston, West Virginia. I love the gold dome.


We stopped at Sheetz in Princeton, WV because I was starved. When we came back through on our way home, we stayed at a hotel near that same Sheetz.

There was a jerky outlet store that I kept telling Hubby that we needed to stop at and when we got off at that exit I once again saw the jerky outlet. Needless to say, we didn’t stop there.

I got myself a walking taco and an iced coffee. The Wee One shared my walking taco.


Our 60 minute drive through western Virginia

All of the photos are from the Welcome Center. I already shared some of the photos from the welcome center in Virginia and North Carolina. Here’s the remainder of the photos.


The boys were demonstrating how not to show love in Virginia.


Pretty flowers at the Welcome Center


The boys were pointing to some random place in Virginia. They were suppose to be pointing where we located but decided they would be silly instead.

I love the benches with the shape of the state cut out. I also saw one in North Carolina on our way back home.

Drive through North Carolina


Random shots at the Welcome Center


They were not willing to smile for me. I do not know what the Wee One is doing. The other photos I took of them by the sign were not much better.


Walking on the walls – He was trying to get his energy out.


Father and son


If you ever drive on I-77 south, the welcome center in North Carolina had the most pretty flowers. We were in awe of the beauty.

At the hotel in Greensboro, NC


The Imaginative One decided to leave us chocolates on our pillow.


The boys did not want to sleep together. At first the Wee One was on the floor between the bed and the floor. Then the Imaginative One ended up on the floor.

At 12:30 am, an alarm clock woke us up. Actually only 3 of us woke up – the Imaginative One slept through it. We thought it was the Imaginative One’s alarm on his Kindle. It was in an unoccupied room next door. We had to let front desk know so they could get it turned off.

Join me next week for our visit to the Greensboro Science Center and Arboretum.

Have a magical day,

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