A mission trip to Sumter, South Carolina

6. Share a Summer Camp memory.

My sons just came home from Boy Scouts Camp.  Hubby and I went down on Friday for family night.  The Imaginative One and his buddies wanted to tell me of some of their exploits during the week.  It reminded me of my youth.

I never went to a real summer camp while growing up.  Instead I went on Mission Trips with my church’s youth group or Grand Assembly when I was in Rainbow.

So many stories and memories came from the mission trips and Grand Assembly.

Today’s memory is from one of the mission trips.

It was 1991.   I was 16 years old.  Boys were on the brain since I was a typical teenage girl.

My youth group decided to travel to Sumter, South Carolina that year.  No was ready for us when we arrived at the church.  (I googled United Methodist churches in the area.  I’m thinking it was Trinity United Methodist Church in Sumter.)

Since they did not have any real jobs for us to complete, we found ways to help the church.  I remember wearing a New Kids on the Block fanny pack with permed hair pulling weeds.

So many memories were created that week.

#1  We created Ambo, the train traveling hobo.  Supposedly he visited us while we were in Sumter.

#2  The electricity went out in the building for a few hours.  We were left in the dark with no way to cook up any dinner so it was decided we were going to go to Chinese for dinner.  I threw a temper tantrum saying “I don’t like Chinese food.”  I ended up eating three or four plates full of food.

#3  The boys’ room was ransacked during the week.  I don’t remember if anything was taken.  It shook us up though.

#4  One of the other youth decided he was going to be my sister’s pretend boyfriend during that week.  (I mentioned it in the letter I wrote to Tanya after she died.)

#5  There was a Jesus standing poster or something like that.  One of the youth decided he wanted to pretend it was a guitar.  I know sacrilegious especially for a church youth group.

#6  We decided to give the boys make-up makeovers.

This photo is of me getting ready to put make up on one of the boys.Me at 16

#7  There were I believe ten of us – three girls and seven boys – with two chaperones.  At the end of the week, we went to an alligator park and Myrtle Beach.

The youth group decided that the male chaperone was our father and the female chaperone was our mother.

While we were at Myrtle Beach, we kept calling them mom and dad.  So much fun and so funny.  (I think this is my favorite memory of the week.)

Twenty-six years later, these memories are so precious because they are memories of the time I spent with my sister.

What is your favorite memories from a summer camp?

Thanks for reading.

Have a magical day,

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