Our Rainy Drive Home

Photos from our rainy drive home from Kentucky.

Join me on Saturdays where I’ll share my photos from my road trip with my mom.

The Way Down

The First Night

Artisan’s Center, Town, and Hands

Berea College Tour

Thursday Afternoon – Noodles Nirvana, Old Town, Farm Store, and Random Statues

Jammin’ on the Porch

The next morning, we drove home.  It ended up being rainy most of the way home.  Yuck!

The Red Roof where we stayed on Wednesday and Thursday night.  It had been a Country Inn prior to being a Red Roof.


We went to downtown one more time before leaving town.  I wanted to get an iced peppermint latte before leaving.


We also stopped at the Amish store for some food before we got some gas.


After getting the gas, we left for a quick stop in Lexington.  I had found a gluten free bakery that I wanted to stop at on our way home.


Gluten Free Miracles was a wonderful bakery because it featured gluten free foods and even paleo foods.  I had been craving grilled cheese sandwiches so I got a bacon cheddar melt sandwich for my lunch.

We enjoyed the stop lights in Lexington.  They almost looked like alien faces.


After we were finished at Gluten Free Miracles, we ended up driving until just past Blue Licks State Park.  Mom had to go to the restroom so we stopped at a gas station.


Our next stop after the gas station was at Rockin’ Robin’s Ice Cream Shoppe in Ripley, Ohio.  I needed another marshmallow coke.




We made a small stop in the middle of nowhere so that I could walk.  Then we stopped once again in Wilmington.


After we left Wilmington, we hit another batch of heavy rain.  Luckily we were able to pull over a little while before finishing the remainder of our trip home.

I hope you enjoyed our three day trip to Berea, Kentucky.

Have a magical day,


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