Artisan’s Center, Town, and Hands

Join me on Saturdays where I’ll share my photos from my road trip with my mom.   During my spring break, Mom and I took a road trip.  I allowed my mom to pick where we were going to visit.  She decided on Berea, Kentucky because she had a friend who lives there. Berea is […]

Join me on Saturdays where I’ll share my photos from my road trip with my mom.

The Way Down

The First Night

The next morning, Mom decided she wanted to stay in the room so that I could go out and get photos of the college and Artisan Center without her hindering me.  (It takes her longer to walk around.)

Before I left, I had breakfast.  The motel had a continental breakfast.  I could not eat much of the food.  I took some eggs and sausage. Then I cut up an apple I had brought with me and warmed up some water for my oatmeal.


The first stop I made was to the Artisan’s Center.  We usually stop there on our way to and from Disney.  When we stopped there in 2009, we began to listen to Harry Potter.  The Imaginative One ended up listening to all seven books in the next 6 months.

There is always interesting crafts there.





After I left the Artisan Center, I drove to the town once more.  As I was driving to town, I found a decorated hand at a local bank so I stopped so I could get photos of it.


I went to the town after visiting the Artisan’s Center.


I found more of the decorated hands while in the center of town.


I also stopped in a soap store.  The lady who was working in the store was so sweet.  I ended up getting some soaps and this bath bomb.


Once again I took photos of the beautiful flowers in the center of town.


I stopped in the college bookstore and signed up for a tour of the college.  It was a free tour.

While I waited for the tour, I walked around the artisan area of the bookstore.


Join me next Saturday for more of our visit.  I’ll share more about the college in that post.

Have a magical day,


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