Greene County Parks

Everyday in April, I’m going to be sharing different local sights starting with A and then ending with Z.  Actually I’m not sharing on Sundays except for April 30th.

My oldest has told me that I could be a tour guide of our area because I know a lot of places.  So during April, I’m going to share some of those local sights beginning with A and then ending with the letter Z.  I’ll be sharing these sights Monday through Saturday.  On Sundays, I’ll be continuing to share my Disney photos.

So where are these local sights?  They are mostly in the Dayton, Ohio area.  Some of them are in Columbus or the Cincinnati area.

Image result for counties in ohio map

Dayton, Ohio is located in Montgomery, Ohio.  I live in Greene County close to the Montgomery/ Greene County border.

Greene County, Ohio has some of the best parks.  I became really interested in photography through the Greene County Park system.  They had a photography “class” where we explored a few of the parks while taking photos.

I got to see covered bridges during one of the classes.  I also got to see where they tap maple trees during January and February.

Did you know the Greene County, Ohio is southern most place in North America that the sap from the maple trees are tapped and then made into maple syrup.

On the first Saturday in March, they hold an annual pancake breakfast featuring their maple syrup.

During the summer before Boy Scout camps, the boys participated in their summer camps.  Their favorite camp was the one where they got down and dirty with nature.  They would have a day that they got to go into the mud hole.  Such fun for boys.  (Narrows Reserve)

Another one of the parks has a playscape.  They made the playground out of fallen logs and other natural items.  (Russ Nature Reserve)  They have also had a monarch butterfly tagging at the same reserve.

There are 20 plus parks and walking/ bike trails within the Greene Park system.  My favorites are the Narrows Reserve, Indian Mound Reserve, Cemex Reserve, and Russ Nature Reserve.

Here are some photos of the various parks:

Cemex Reserve


Narrows Reserve


Maple Sap at the Narrows

Maple Tapping - February 19, 2011 (76).JPG

Russ Reserve


Indian Mound Reserve

collage 2

Join me on Monday for another favorite of mine.  Hint:  This one has to do with the pioneers of flight.

Have a magical day,

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