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My Slow Cooker Equipment – Day 2


Welcome to Day 2 of Write 31 2016.  Today we are going to be discussing some equipment or tools that I use when I making food in the slow cooker.

My slow cookers:

I have many different slow cookers at the house.  One is my 4 to 5 quart programmable slow cooker.  I got it for Easter last year because Hubby would constantly forget to turn off the food when I would I would text or call him to turn the slow cooker to the warm setting.  So I ordered at programmable slow cooker.  This is the one that I use the most.

My Programmable Crockpot

I have two other 4 to 5 quart slow cookers.  One that is black and the other is red.  I haven’t used either of them in a few months.  I will probably give one of them to my mother when she moves out of my house.

I have another programmable one that is a 6 quart slow cooker.  I don’t use that one because it too big for the amount of the food we eat at our house.  I keep it around because it does still work and would be great to make food when I am entertaining.

I also have a small 2 quart slow cooker.  It only has a warm setting so it’s not used very often.  I mostly use to make overnight oatmeal, cranberry relish, or Honey Glazed Carrots in the Crockpot.

Lastly I have a casserole slow cooker.  I bought it last year for completing the 31 Days of Slow Cooking last year.  I wish I knew that there was a programmable casserole slow cooker because I would have gotten that instead of the one that I did.  I’ve made some desserts and lasagna in the casserole slow cooker.

Other equipment:

Most days I use slow cooker bags.  It’s so much easier to clean up after using the slow cooker bags.  I usually get the store brand because they work the same.


I also use the little crock from the small slow cooker inside my programmable slow cooker.  This makes it easier to make the overnight oatmeal.  I use it when I need to make smaller quantities of food.  This way the food does not dry out.

Lastly I use a bread pan that fits in the crock of the programmable slow cooker.  It just so happens that I have a blue Pyrex that fits comfortably in the crock.  I use this primarily for making slow cooker meatloaf.


What kind of slow cookers and/or tools do you have for your slow cooker?

Recipes are going to begin tomorrow.



3 thoughts on “My Slow Cooker Equipment – Day 2

    1. There are so many different types of slow cookers. I could go crazy over them just like my cameras. LOL!

      There is buffet type crockpots with two or three crocks in one slow cookers. There is also a lunch type of crockpot that will warm up your food during the morning.

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