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Slow Cooker Freezer Kits – An Update

Currently there are 15 freezer slow cooker kits in my freezer. It's so easy to pull out a kit in the evening and then drop it in the slow cooker in the morning. About a month ago, I put together 12 freezer slow cooker kits.  Then I shared my slow cooker freezer meal plan. Having… Continue reading Slow Cooker Freezer Kits – An Update

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Slow Cooker Freezer Kits

With the holiday season coming up, I decided to come up with a slow cooker freezer kit.  All of the recipes are from my blog and were easy to adapt to become freezer kits. So what are slow cooker freezer kits?  Basically you have everything you need to fix a meal in the slow cooker… Continue reading Slow Cooker Freezer Kits

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Slow Cooker Sweet Potatoes (Gluten Free)

This weekend was the Wee One's first Boy Scout camp out.  His camp out was located 20 minutes from our house so it was not that far away.  He's always been our homebody.  When he was in Cub Scouts, he would be the first one in the tent when there was any hint of darkness.… Continue reading Slow Cooker Sweet Potatoes (Gluten Free)

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More Freezer Meals (Day 27)

Welcome to Day 27 of 31 Days of Slow Cooking! Here are more photos from Hubby's and I's visit to Louisville, Kentucky.  (First post) After we left the Ohio Falls, we headed to the Muhammad Ali Center.  I highly suggested this place. More of the exhibits: Right outside the center: On the next blog post,… Continue reading More Freezer Meals (Day 27)

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Freezer Meals (Day 26)

I am behind with the 31 Days of Slow Cooking.  Last week was crazy busy with parent teacher conferences on Monday and Wednesday nights.  I did not get home from work until almost 8:30 on those nights.  Then I had activities with the boys on Tuesday and Thursday evenings so I was gone on those… Continue reading Freezer Meals (Day 26)

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Peach Cobbler (Day 25)

Welcome to Day 25 of 31 Days of Slow Cooking. We are almost to the end of this series. Since Halloween is next Monday, I'm going to play This or That - Halloween version.  Chocolate candy or fruity? I'm partial of chocolate candy.  I have always said since I was born near Hershey Park, I… Continue reading Peach Cobbler (Day 25)

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Lemon Bar (Day 24)

Welcome to Day 24 of 31 Days of Slow Cooking. Today we are going to continue with the photos from the Donut Trail. After Kelly's Donuts, we went to downtown Hamilton.  We found the mural dedicated to Robert McCloskey.     Here are other photos of downtown Hamilton.  Some of the architecture is interesting so… Continue reading Lemon Bar (Day 24)

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Corn Casserole (Day 23)

Welcome to Day 23 of 31 Days of Slow Cooking. Yesterday we got early to finish the rest of the Donut trail.  We were successful this time. Now Hubby is going to get my free shirt for completing the Donut Trail.   During the next few days, I'm going to be sharing some of the… Continue reading Corn Casserole (Day 23)

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Cashew Chicken (Day 22)

Welcome to Day 22 of 31 Days of Slow Cooking. Your pets least likable character trait. It's thundering outside.  The rain is pouring.  Suddenly lightening lit up the sky. No one's home but the dog.  He needs comfort from the scary storm outside.  So what he does he do? Does he run and hide in… Continue reading Cashew Chicken (Day 22)

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Apple Pie Pork Chops (Day 21)

Welcome to Day 31 of 31 Days of Slow Cooking. Today's prompt Share a childhood memory that makes you smile. I could write about my trip to Walt Disney World in 1990. That trip brings a smile to my face. But that's what most people expect from me. So what childhood memory makes me smile… Continue reading Apple Pie Pork Chops (Day 21)