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Date Nights

Since I still dealing with the death of my sister and with my mom living with us, Hubby has made it a point to start taking me on dates. We went on a couple during the summer, but nothing to regular. Now he feels as though it is a necessary part of our relationship. 

Do the dates have to be a big drawn out affair?  No. We’ve gone on two so far. On one of them we went to his favorite quick Italian “fast food” restaurants and then got custard. We then watched the sunset. Okay I watched the sunset, he played Pokemon Go. 

The second date was to Red Lobster, Half Price Books, Best Buy, walking across a walkway over one of our busy highways, and then sitting in his mom’s hot tub. 

We are going to make a point to go on a date often so we can keep our relationship strong through this trial of life. 

In fact, we are planning a weekend away when I have a long weekend in October. We are going 3 hours away just to get away from every thing. We are going to work on our bucket list of visiting zoos while we are there. 

It’s important to work on your relationships while going through the trials of life. 

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