Apple Fest 2016 – Part 1

Every year I attend a local park’s Apple Fest.  I took Tanya with the boys the first time I attended the fest.  The boys were 15 months old and 3 years old.  I remember that’s the weekend the Wee One stopped nursing and the Imaginative One declared he wore underwear because he wanted to start potty training.

This year I only took the Imaginative One.  Here are the photographs from the Apple Fest.

The Imaginative one with the hay bale statue. photo IMG_6465_zpsoxw6qxsg.jpg

 photo 1ffebd45-7331-4bde-b6db-62230b65e08c_zpsdzthxiyi.jpg

 photo IMG_6468_zpsd9mbumho.jpg

 photo IMG_6470_zpsxmkxyiom.jpg

 photo IMG_6472_zpsasd53ktn.jpg

 photo IMG_6474_zpsy2kcmhck.jpg

 photo IMG_6479_zpsx4mm6nub.jpg

 photo IMG_6485_zpshoucstjw.jpg

 photo IMG_6486_zpsy1mkulra.jpg

 photo IMG_6487_zpsxcsgb6df.jpg

 photo IMG_6490_zpsltcfvcfn.jpg

 photo IMG_6493_zpspzimulg9.jpg

 photo IMG_6497_zpsedpem5zj.jpg

 photo IMG_6499_zpsqcbz3vcf.jpg

 photo IMG_6505_zpsrrz5mgca.jpg

 photo IMG_6506_zpsjlcgmr3v.jpg

 photo IMG_6507_zpspa9gvlop.jpg

 photo IMG_6508_zpsi42y8pv9.jpg

 photo IMG_6514_zpsjz99vsxe.jpg

 photo IMG_6515_zpsqujgi2xf.jpg

 photo IMG_6517_zps8fgr3ibl.jpg

 photo IMG_6518_zpstmzk1xzd.jpg

 photo IMG_6519_zpsuniq7byp.jpg

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