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If I Could Go Any Where for the Holidays

If I had all of the money in the world, I would love to go down to Walt Disney World for Christmas. I would not want to visit on Christmas Day because it would be way too busy but I would love to visit at some point in December. Why would I want to go… Continue reading If I Could Go Any Where for the Holidays

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An Impulsive Road Trip

The other day I went to a Mother-Son brunch.  We were asked to list 3 things we did before we had kids. I forgot to put I took impulsive road trips.  One memorable one was with Tanya on March 30 to April 1, 2002. I had forgotten when I took the trip until today. On… Continue reading An Impulsive Road Trip

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Celebrating Tanya’s 40th birthday

We didn't think about where we were going to release the balloons. If we had only moved to the other end of the deck, we would have been okay. 3. Write a blog post inspired by the word: rise. Labor Day would have been my sister's 40th birthday. Since I had gone on a cruise… Continue reading Celebrating Tanya’s 40th birthday

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Remembering Tanya on the One Year Anniversary of her Death

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of my sister's death.  I honored her memory by releasing a balloon at a local park. I went to a local park to release the balloon instead of at her grave.  When I go to the Wegerzyn Gardens, I feel a lot of peace.  The gardens are absolutely gorgeous.… Continue reading Remembering Tanya on the One Year Anniversary of her Death

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The Night My Life Changed FOREVER

Warning:  This blog post is going to be raw and real.  It's difficult for me to type up but necessary. Some of the details are going to be a little blurry. August 28, 2016 was a regular Sunday.  I had church in the morning.  Then we were going to eat dinner at my mother-in-law's house.… Continue reading The Night My Life Changed FOREVER

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Be Careful For Those Cats

Whenever I backed up my car, I would have to make sure I did not run over a feral cat. You are probably wondering what I'm talking about.  I've spoken about how the year anniversary of my sister's death is on Monday. When she was alive and lived with my mom, there were feral cats… Continue reading Be Careful For Those Cats

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Dear Tanya, (August 22, 2017)

Dearest Tanya, It's been FOREVER since I last wrote to you.  Can you believe it's almost a year since you gained your Heavenly body?  Okay, I don't know if you actually have a body but I think you know what I'm talking about.  At least I hope you do. I'm typing this on your laptop.… Continue reading Dear Tanya, (August 22, 2017)

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Monarch Butterflies (Dealing with Grief)

As many of you know, I have a monarch butterfly tattoo on my left shoulder.  The top of the tattoo has purple dots because that was my sister's favorite color.  One top wing has 2 dots which represents the fact there were 2 of us and she was 2 years younger than me.  The other… Continue reading Monarch Butterflies (Dealing with Grief)