Mom, What’s For Dinner? – Week of February 22

Happy birthday in Heaven to my grandma!  She would have been 88 years old today.  When I talk about my inspirations for how I cook, she is one of the two family members I speak of.

Here are a couple of recipes of her recipes:

I miss her daily.  Before she fell in 2007, we talked on an almost daily basis.  Usually part of the discussion was about what I was going to cook for dinner.  She helped me menu plan.

Other news:

This weekend, I finished my recipe index.  This is the link to the recipe page where you can access the majority of my recipes.  I need to add the newer recipes to this index.

It’s broken down into many subheadings so that you can find the recipe you are looking for.  It was a labor of love getting done.  I created a spreadsheet with all the recipes on it by year.  Then I created a second spreadsheet with the recipes in different categories.  I hope my new recipe index helps you find the recipe you are looking for.

If you are on Facebook, please check out my page. There is a link to it in the left sidebar.  Currently I’ve only been posting links to my newest recipes or sometimes older recipes.  I need to get better at posting some of the great recipes I find in other blogs.

Now onto my menu for the week.  This week’s going to be different.  I’m posting recipes but everything depends on how I’m feeling.  I’ve had a sinus infection that I think has morphed into something else.  Tomorrow I’m taking off so that I can go to the doctor’s to have it checked out.  So this menu could not be followed completely.

Last week, we did not have the roast as planned because Hubby got some fresh eggs from one of his buddies.  So we had scrambled eggs and bacon instead on Thursday.  I made orange chicken over rice on Saturday instead of the hash.  The Wee One had two servings of the orange chicken so I think it was a good choice for dinner.

Mom, What’s For Dinner?
Week of February 22, 2016

Monday – slow cooker apricot chicken (new recipe), mac and cheese, corn or mixed veggies

Tuesday – sausage, left over mac and cheese, corn or mixed veggies (This is one meal Hubby can put together.)

Wednesday – Lenten Soup Supper – This is up in the air depending on how I feel.  If I don’t feel up to it, grilled cheese and tomato soup will be on the menu.

ThursdayBalsamic Roast with roasted potatoes, brown sugar carrots

Friday – Hash made from left over roast and potatoes

If you are in need of other menus, please check out my week of Slow Cooker Meals Menu and 10 Quick and Easy Meals for Busy Families.  Maybe they will give you inspiration for the upcoming week.

This post is linked to I’m An Organizing Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday.

Happy Eating,

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