Pressure Cooking

On Christmas Day, Hubby and I got an electric pressure cooker from his mother.  I had never used a pressure cooker before Christmas.  We used it to make the green beans for our Christmas Dinner.

Once it got to our house, it got sat on a bench in our kitchen but not used.  The reason it wasn’t used was because I really did not know what I was doing with the pressure cooker.

This weekend I actually moved it from the bench to the counter.  We’ve had soup on Friday night.  I’ve also cooked a roast in the electric pressure cooker for tonight’s dinner.  Later I plan to make some potatoes in the pressure cooker.

My joke is that I can’t make great mashed potatoes or hard boiled eggs the traditional way.  I’ve been “hard boiling” eggs in the oven for 2 years now.  This morning I attempted to make hard boiled eggs in the pressure cooker.  The Imaginative One told me they were delicious.  Success.  I’ll share the method I used to make the hard boiled eggs later.

I’m hoping I’ll have the same success with my mashed potatoes for tonight’s dinner.

pressure cooker

Here’s my new pressure cooker.  Most people are getting the Insta-Pot but since this was a gift I’m not complaining.  The problem is there is not much information about the Bella Electric Pressure Cooker on in the Internet.

As I experiment with the pressure cooker, I’m going to share some of my recipes I’ve made.

Here are some blogs that are good starting points if you are going to start pressure cooking:

  1. Mel’s Kitchen Cafe – She had a blog post the other day discussing pressure cooking.
  2. Pressure Cooking Today – Lot’s of good recipes
  3. Hip Pressure Cooking – There is a beginner’s “class” for pressure cooking on this blog site.  The author of this blog shows you different ways to use your pressure cooker.
  4. Dad Cooks Dinner
  5. Pressure Cooker Diaries

What are your thoughts on pressure cooking?

Happy eating,

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