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Elf 4 Health – Day #2

I’m finally getting to recapping yesterday’s challenge and discussing today’s challenge.

So yesterday was a meatless Monday.  It wasn’t really that hard for me.  I started the morning with a green smoothie.  The smoothie also contained some protein powder to help keep me full.  I needed chia seeds also because all I kept thinking about while I was in the dentist’s chair was how hungry I was.  Of course, I couldn’t eat while they were working on my mouth.

As soon as I left the dentist’s office, I ate a Larabar that I had gotten at the grocery store.  It was a seasonal flavor – Snickerdoodle.  It was pretty yummy!

The day before, I had gone out to eat at a new to us restaurant – Roma.  I had gotten a Bruschetta pizza to save some for this challenge.  I also had some leftover garlic bread made with olive oil instead of butter.  Since my mouth was still numb, I didn’t bite on it using my front teeth.  I folded it up and chewed with my molars.  When my dentist called me later, I told him what I did, and he told me I was pretty clever.  I love that my dentist will personally call his patients after they have work done on their teeth to make sure they are doing good.  He ends his call with, “Call me if you need anything.” He means it.

Since my mouth was numb, I ate a banana for a snack.  I am not a banana lover, so Hubby was shocked when he saw me eating some.

Dinner was quick and easy tomato soup.  I also cut up French bread that I toasted with olive oil, garlic, cheddar cheese, and basil.  We used those croutons to put in the soup instead of dipping grilled cheese sandwiches.  The boys were not fans of the soup.  The Imaginative One, though, loved the croutons.

Dessert was a pumpkin whoopie pie from a local farmer’s market.  Yummy!  I had a yogurt parfait with granola and fresh pineapple as an evening snack.  So happy my meatless Monday went well!

Today’s challenge is to unsubscribe.  I don’t know how many different emails I unsubscribed from.  I also cleaned up two of my in boxes while I was at it.  It’s amazing how much lighter you feel without all that extra mess in your life.

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