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Elf 4 Heath – Day #3

So as I said at the end of my post, yesterday’s challenge was to unsubscribe from catalogs or emails. I chose to unsubscribe to multiple email lists. I did it on my work email, Gmail, and road runner email accounts. I also cleaned up my road runner and work accounts. This helped me feel lighter not having all those emails to wade through.

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One great website to use is unrolled. Me. Unfortunately, it only supports certain email services. I could only use it for my Gmail account. It really helped me unsubscribe from that account.

Today’s challenge is to try a new workout. I don’t exercise unless you count my walking around the school building. My classroom is isolated from everyone else, so if I need anything, I need to walk to get it.  🙂  That’s great for getting some cardio in.

Last night I put some fast-paced music on youtube (Florida Georgia Line – Cruise) and made sprints across the living room to get some cardio in. I continued for the entire song. Then I put on Pink’s Just Like a Pill and did some circuits of 10 reps of waist twists, toe touches, knee lifts, and jumping jacks. Toward the song’s end, I slowed my motions to cool down. It wasn’t much, but it was a small step for me.

This morning, I did a barre3 standing core exercise. I plan to do a yoga video later on during the day. This is something new to me. I really need to get my belly area in check. I’m short-waisted, so all my extra weight seems to land there.

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