My Journey Part 3

The First Part of the Journey The Second Part of the Journey My other grandma’s health declined after her fall. We gradually began going through her belongings and cleaning out her house. She was unable to live on her own anymore. I maintained my weight during that time but I was not as focused onContinue reading “My Journey Part 3”

My Journey Part 2

The First Part of the Journey During the last Saturday of October 2007, I talked to my grandma (Grandma H.) for the last time about life and supper. Soon after that last conversation, her foot fell asleep and she tried to walk on it. She ended up falling down and breaking her leg. Soon afterwardsContinue reading “My Journey Part 2”

My Journey part 1

Five and a half years ago, I saw my weight creeping upwards. My youngest was almost 2 and the “I’m going to lose the weight when he’s 1 no longer applied.” It was time for action. Memorial Day 2007 was the official day I decided to take over my life. But at that time, IContinue reading “My Journey part 1”

Christmas Baking

Every year I bake and create Christmas goodies.  My grandma used to do the same thing and then share with family and friends.  I have her bench she used to pile the containers onto and the Kitchen aid mixer she used to whip up the batches of delicious cookies.  Once I was an adult livingContinue reading “Christmas Baking”