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Favorite Book Series – The Sister’s Grimm

In August 2010, I was going to do a series about my favorite books.  I only did one post and then didn’t do any others.  Both the Imaginative One and I have read this series.  This is one of his favorite series, and he always reads excerpts from books.

Imagine your favorite fairy tale characters were real and lived in Ferryport Landing,  New York.

Your mother and father have disappeared without a trace, and for a year and a half, you have lived in foster care, moving from one home to another with your sister.  Suddenly a long-lost grandma of yours is claiming to be your relative.  But wait, your mother and father have told you she died.  Is this a trick?

For Sabrina and Daphne Grimm, this is exactly what happens to them.  They are transported to Ferryport Landing.  There they discover their family is relatives of the Grimm Brothers, who wrote fairy tales and knew the characters personally.  They brought them over from Europe to the United States.  The ancestors of the Grimm Brothers have become fairy tale detectives.

These stories will engage you as you discover a secret organization, The Scarlet Hand, how Sabrina and Daphne react to being in a town full of fairy tale characters, and their adventures as fairy tale detectives.  As the series continues, you will discover more evil plots by the Scarlet Hand.  You will become sucked into the town of Ferryport Landing and into the lives of Sabrina and Daphne. 

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