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Last Words

I knew Hubby’s aunt has been sick with pneumonia for the past month or so.

Even with her health failing, she wore her oxygen tank while driving her restored historical truck in our town’s Fourth of July parade and then onto another town’s parade.

Since then her health is failing quickly, so much so they put her in intensive care on Thursday.

However before they did that, she called my mother-in-law to discuss details about the family reunion next month. Always worrying about others during this difficult time. That describes J. to a t.

On Friday, I saw a message that worried me from another family member. I called my mother-in-law and that’s when I found out that not only does she have pneumonia, she also has stage 4 liver cancer.

It was my duty as a mother to tell Oldest and Youngest. They both have so many memories of her. Youngest’s eyes just filled with tears when he found out.

Oldest told me that he wanted to see her one more time before she crossed over into Heaven.

Today we found out that it could be days not weeks or months as we previously thought.

Oldest and I jumped into the car and drove out to see her. Even though she is weak and can barely talk, she talked to us as much as she could.

She asked if my mother-in-law was with me or not.

Before we left, we told her that we loved her. Then she told me the last words I’m going to hear from her. “Take care of your mom and Andy.” (Andy being my mother-in-law.) Then she told Oldest to take care of me.

Even in her last days with an Earthly body, she is still worried about others.

I then walked down the hall, saw her youngest son, and broke down in tears as we hugged each other. Then Oldest gave me a big hug.

Now that I made you cry. Here are some memories I have of J.

We would go over to her house at Christmas time. There is a wig that Oldest would always put on. Even last Christmas at 15 years old, he had it on. J. said she was going to give it to him for his wedding gift since he loved wearing it around her house.

She is always baking or making candy or candy creations. You never knew what you were going to find that she had put together. One year it was candy/cookie turkeys.

Five years ago, she decided that Oldest, Youngest, and one of her grand kids, H. should go to Boonshoft Children’s Museum. Not only was it her with us, it was also her aunt who died in December of that year. We had so much fun exploring the museum.

These are only a few memories of her in the almost 22 years I have been with the family. She was one special lady.

I had started writing this blog post on Sunday evening. I became very heartbroken and could not continue typing. I was at a lost of words at that moment.

Fast forward to today which is Tuesday – She was put into Hospice in the early afternoon. Around 7ish, she had moved from her Earthly Body to her Heavenly Body.

J. – I will take care of Andy and my mom. Thank you for being in my life. I love you.

Stay kind!

Have a magical day,

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