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Spring in my Neighborhood

It took a while for spring to actually arrive in my neck of the woods. Now that it has, it is absolutely beautiful.

Some of the photos are from my neighborhood while others are from a local park. My dog and I walk that park on Tuesday and Thursday evenings while the Oldest is at Kung Fu.

One of my neighbors planted the tulips all over his yard. It is absolutely beautiful.

This was my yard before hubby mowed on Easter. There was a lot of beautiful purple and purple and white flowers in our yard.

Taking a photo of a dandelion from our yard – Why? Why not!

Golden hour on Easter

The last of my photos

I hope you enjoyed spring in my neighborhood.

Stay kind!

Have a magical day,

4 thoughts on “Spring in my Neighborhood

  1. So lovely, Traci! Here in New York, we’ve had brief glimpses of Spring, in between cool, rainy, murky days. And, we even experienced “deep freeze” warnings the other night when temps dropped into the 30’s. I’m certain that this weather pattern might continue right into the start of Summer.

    Reminds me of an old song, “Spring Will Be a Little Late This Year”.

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