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A Spring Walk

I want my 14.5 year dog to enjoy his senior years. Once of his favorite hobbies to do is go with me when I have to take my children to various evening activities.

On Tuesday evening, I was attempting to get people out the door. Oldest had to go to Kung Fu before I dropped him at Boy Scouts. Youngest was going to Boy Scouts with Hubby. Hubby had to take potluck dishes with him. I needed to make sure he was taking all of the food.

Dobby got excited. His tail began to wag when he heard the words – “Let’s go.” As the front door opened, he ran out and stood by my car.

I grabbed his leash as I walked out the door. I guess he decided he wanted to go for a walk while the Oldest was at Kung Fu.

I also had our new GoPro with me. I decided I needed to try it out by taking a video of our walk. The only problem was it was only at 20% so I couldn’t take a video of the whole walk around the local park.

Dobby was safety conscious because he didn’t want us to walk through the parking lot. He wanted to cross in the cross walk.

After we were finished with our walk, I made a video from all of the clips I took.

Then I shared it on Facebook.

Stay kind!

Have a magical day,

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