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Lansing, Michigan – Part 7 – Our Way Home

Lansing, Michigan – Part 6

As I stated before, it was super hot when we left the zoo. So we did not walk around all the green space surrounding the zoo.

We got a few photos of the park and sign for the park but nothing else.

Our first order of business was to stop and get one more Bigby Coffee before starting on our way home.

We went a different way home because we were going to see our family that lived close to the Indiana border in northern Ohio. We knew that we could drive to their house before heading over to I-75. The funny thing is they were down in our town for the day. We didn’t need to travel to their home.

I was intrigued with the porta potties at the Indiana rest stop. I think it was because they all said “For rent” and the name of the company.

Right by the Indiana/ Ohio border, is a giant wind farm. Since it was a nice day with a gentle breeze, I was able to get some good photos of the wind mills. (I guess that is what you call them.) You can tell that it is a rural rest stop because there is a corn field surrounding the rest stop.

Our last stop before home was Waffle House. We stopped at the one in Wapakoneta, Ohio. It is located across the Neil Armstrong museum.

Wapakoneta is the birthplace of Neil Armstrong. The last clip in the video is of the front of the museum as seen from our table at the Waffle House. We didn’t visit the museum because it was closing up for the day when we got there.

I hope you enjoyed our impromptu visit to Lansing, Michigan.

Stay kind!

Have a magical day,

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