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Lansing, Michigan – Part 5 – Strange Matter Coffee and Potter Park Zoo

Lansing Michigan – Part 4

During the middle of the night, it rained. Stormed actually. We were fortunate we didn’t chose to go to Grand Rapids because the storms were much worse. (Hubby wanted to go to the zoo in Grand Rapids because it was bigger.)

I found a coffee shop called Strange Matter Coffee. They had vegan donuts that were absolutely delish. The baristas were so kind and warned us that part of the zoo might be closed because of the rain. I loved the ambiance of the coffee shop.

Then we were onto the zoo. It’s located in a park which had acres of hiking paths and green space. I wish it wasn’t so hot because we might have explored some of the green space after our visit to the zoo.

Within in the first few minutes, I knew I loved the zoo. The gentleman who was working with the bald eagles was so knowledgeable. I just enjoyed listening to him talk about the eagles that were in the exhibit. One came up almost to the fence so I got a great photo of the eagle.

The otters were active which was cool. It was challenging to get a photo of the otters because they were swimming.

We also got to see wolves, a red panda, and the farm animals. We enjoyed seeing the red panda. At first, he was just sitting in the tree but then began to move around which was cool.

Join me next time for more of our visit to the Potter Park Zoo.

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