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Lansing, Michigan – Part 4 – Dinner and Michigan State University

Lansing Michigan – Part 3

After we were finished with the Riverwalk and downtown, we checked into the hotel and took a nap.

First stop was dinner. We went to a place called the Soup Spoon Cafe’. Since it’s been many months later, I can’t recall what Hubby or I had to eat. I do remember eating a vegan onion soup and I think a curried chickpea dinner with an aioli. The service was top notch. Highly recommend the place if you are ever in the Lansing, Michigan area.

Outside of the restaurant was an interactive mural which was cool. We spent a few minutes filling in the blanks that asked what was something we were thankful for.

Our next stop was the Michigan State University. We visited the botanical gardens which were absolutely breathtaking. It’s free to visit which is a plus.

We also visited the Beaumont Tower and Carillon. We could not get inside because there are limited hours that visitors can visit it. However, we were able to listen to the carillon ring which was cool.

Hubby had a funny experience. While we were on the campus, he was geocaching. He was trying to be conspicuous when about 100 sorority sisters walked past him. I don’t think any of them noticed him. However, it became a joke with us about those sorority sisters.

Join me next time for our visit to the Potter Park Zoo and Strange Matter Coffee.

Stay kind!

Have a magical day,

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