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New Concord, Ohio (John and Annie Glenn House)

After I was done visiting Zanesville, I drove the 10 or so miles to New Concord.  New Concord is known as being the hometown of John Glenn.

The hotel I stayed at was located about a mile away from the John and Annie Glenn House.

As soon as I parked my car, I saw on Facebook that there was a possible shooting at the Air Force base that I live close to so that was on my mind during my visit.

The museum is the actual house from when John Glenn lived in while a child.  They moved it from it’s original spot to where it is now located.  The house had been moved twice so there was some concerns about it being structurally sound.  However, it was moved very carefully and is structurally sound.

On the second floor of the museum, it’s set up to look like it would have been 1962.  I guess they change it out from time to time.

They even had a young man walk us through the 1962 part of the house as though he was John Glenn’s teenage son.  So neat.


The third floor had rooms that had other memorabilia of John Glenn, his wife Annie, or their families.  Not everything was originally theirs but was close representation to what they would have owned.


There was also some displays about space travel.

Do I recommend a visit to his house?  Yes, I do.  It’s neat to be in the house of a pioneer of space travel.   The volunteers/ docents were excellent.

There is a Zane Grey Museum / National Road Museum located close to the John Glenn House.  They have a package deal if you want to visit both of them.  Tanya and I visited the Zane Grey Museum many years ago when we took a road trip to the Wilds.


Oh and that possible shooter, it was a training exercise.  Someone got a little zealous and called 9-11 which caused many local police departments to head to the base.

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