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Wednesday Night Sunset – Day 7 Part 7

On the way home from downtown Charleston, we stopped at Chick Fil-A for dinner.  Since the Wee One had been excellent while we were at the Citadel and in downtown Charleston, we allowed him to pick our dinner.

That night we decided to once again to watch the sunset.  Instead of heading to the Sunset Marina, we opted to go to the Folly Beach Park which was located close to our house.

When we walked into the park, there was a couple who had a parrot with them.  We stopped and talked to the couple so we could meet the gorgeous parrot.

Since there was a pelican rookery close to the park, I kept mentioning the amount of pelicans that were flying over our heads.

While we were waiting for the sunset, Hubby kept trying to find sharks’ teeth while I was walking around the beach trying to get great photos.  When he wasn’t looking for the teeth, I was showing him how to take photos using the reflection of the surf.

The sunset was not as brilliant at the park which was a bummer.  However I did get cool photos of the sunset with palm trees and oat grass.

Enjoy the video of the sunset.

Join me next week for our visit to Angel Oak.

Have a magical day,

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