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Hershey Park Wednesday Evening – Blog Post #2

After we visited Chocolate World, we went over to Hershey Park.

When we bought the tickets in May, I found out they have a preview night where you get in for free for a few hours the night before you visit the park.  Even though we traveled all day long, we took advantage of the preview night.

It was lightly raining when we got to the park on Wednesday so the big rides were not open.

So the first ride we rode was the bumper cars.  The Imaginative One was happy when he got to ride a roller coaster when it stopped raining.  He had been looking forward to riding roller coasters while we at Hershey Park.

He also rode on the Hershey Triple Tower.  I suggested he ride on the Hershey Kiss tower first because it was the shortest of the drop towers.  The Imaginative One told me that he wanted to ride the tallest towers – The Hershey Tower.  While he waited in line, he memorized the drop sequence.

If I recall correctly, we left the park after 2.5 hours instead of the 3 hours we could have stayed at the park.

Join me next week, for our visit to Chocolate World on Thursday morning.

Have a magical day,


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