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Tuesday Evening Sunset – Day 6 Part 5

After we dropped off my niece and the Imaginative One back at the beach house, Hubby and I went to Sunset Cay to watch the sunset once again.

There is a bar that is supposed to be part of the marina.  We are not members of the marina but went to the bar anyway.  Hubby decided to get me a drink.  In order to get a drink, you have to be a member or be with a member.  The bar tender decided to sign us in so that we could get the drink.  She understood we were visitors – only there for a week.

I did not know what I wanted to drink.  So the bar tender asked me what my favorite flavors were – cranberry juice and pineapple.  She made a cranberry drink with pineapple rum.  She gave us the small dram of the pineapple rum so that I could add as much of the rum I wanted into the juice.  Simple but delicious.

There was a dog there who kept wanting me to pet it.  It would sit down with its back legs spread apart whenever I would start petting it.  So adorable.

After we were done watching the sunset, it was back to the beach house for the rest of the evening.

Enjoy the video with A LOT of sunset photos.

Join me next week for my Wednesday morning beach walk.

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