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Powder Mill Park (Blog Post #16)

Before I left to go home, Molly and I visited Powder Mill Park.

There used to be a mill on the property.  In fact, there is still the water wheel remaining on the property.  The wheel is fenced in so visitor’s don’t disturb it.

They also raise fish for recreational fishing.  Visitors can buy some fish food and feed the baby fish.  It was cool to watch the fish all come up to the surface of the water to fight for the food.

Right by the one entrance, there is a house called the Mushroom House. It is an unique shaped house that attracts visitors.  The park does not allow you to stop along the road that leads to the entrance of the park so it is difficult to get a good photo of the house.  I had to take a photo while we were driving by so it is blurry.  (I provided a link for more info about the Mushroom House.)

After we visited Powder Mill Park, we went over to a different Wegman’s for our lunch.  The hot bar was wonderful because they labeled the food as being gluten free or not.  I was able to find Chinese food that was gluten free which is a rarity.

There was an actual pub inside the Wegman’s with a hostess who sat you at your table.  We did not go inside the pub.  I just thought it was neat.

I forgot to mention Powder Mill Park was where Molly and her husband were engaged.

Next week, I’ll share my last post about my trip to Western New York.

Have a magical day,

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