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Letchworth State Park – Mt. Morris Dam, Overlooks, and St. Helena Trail (Blog Post #10)

On Saturday of my trip, Molly and her husband took me to Letchworth State Park.  Letchworth State Park is located about 35 miles south of Rochester.  It’s a 17 miles north to south.

Letchworth is known as the Grand Canyon of the East with the Genesee River creating canyons that are as deep as the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

There is so much to do in Letchworth – hiking, whitewater rafting, camping, hot air ballooning, and even swimming.  Molly, her husband, and I mostly drove through the park, stopped at the different overlooks, and then continued on.  We did hike when we went to the St. Helena Trail.

During the time I visited with Molly, the weather decided to become hot.  Our joke was I had brought the heat.  Since I thought it was going to be cooler, I had packed jeans to wear while I was there.  The hike on the St. Helena Trail was unbearable when we walked back up the hill.

We came in the entrance by the Mt. Morris Dam.  There was an overlook and a gift shop there.

Molly and I enjoyed posing on this giant chair right by the overlook.

big chair

More of the dam – They had the signs reminding people to stay behind the barrier all over the park.
Some of the signs giving the visitor more information about that area of the park.

After leaving the Mt. Morris Dam area, we drove to the Hogsback , Gardeau, and Smokey Hollow Overlooks.

All 3 were absolutely gorgeous.Gardeau OverlookHogsback overlook 3Hogsback overlooksmokey hollow

signs 2

Then it was time for our hike on the St. Helena’s Trail.  As I said, it was extremely hot that day.  The hike down the hill was not that bad.

I’m glad we hiked down the trail because the view was absolutely gorgeous.  Actually it was stunning.

Words cannot describe the beauty.  It truly was a beauty created by God’s hands.

St Helena 2St Helena 3St Helena 4St Helena 5St Helena 6St Helena FrogSt Helena meSt Helena rocks 2St Helena rocksSt Helena

I could not stop taking photos of that area.  I wanted to remember that view for the remainder of my life.

That area is where the White Water rafters end their trip so we had to move out of the way for the trucks coming down for the rafters.

On our treacherous hike back up to the parking lot, we also saw a black snake slithering across the path.  Luckily we saw it before we stepped in his path.

St Helena trail backSt. Helena Trail 2St. Helena Trail

Join me next week for more photos of this gorgeous place.  We will visit where we cheered for the whitewater rafters and the middle waterfall which reminded me of the hymn “How Great Thou Art.”

Thank you Molly for taking me to me to this glorious park.  It is one of the most beautiful places I have visited in my life.

Have a magical day,

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