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South Carolina Aquarium (Coast, Touch Tank, Random, Salt Water Aviary, Bricks Alive) – Day 5 Part 3

After we finished being in awe of the Great Ocean Tank, we walked to the next exhibit, Coast.

One of my favorite fish to photograph is the lion fish.  It is so cool to look at, however; it is not nice in the wild.


They had an area where the children could pretend to fish.  Even at 12 and almost 14, my boys wanted to pretend to fish.  Actually the Wee One wanted to do it while the Imaginative One just watched him.


Here is some more of the Coast exhibit.


The octopus on the wall is made of Lego bricks and the manta ray is made of trash found on the beaches around Charleston.

The next exhibit we visited was the Touch tank which is one of the Imaginative One’s favorite exhibits at any aquarium.



While they were enjoying the touch tank, I went to the bathroom on the first floor.  One of the employees was educating guests about a snake.  I can’t remember what type of snake she was showing off.


After the Touch Tank, we visited the Salt Water Aviary.  There was a heron that just stared at you.  He/ she never moved while we were in the exhibit.


There are Lego sculptures throughout the aquarium.  Here are some of those sculptures.


Join me next week for the remainder of the photos from the aquarium.

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