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South Carolina Aquarium (The Shallows, Sea Turtle Rescue, and the Great Ocean Tank) – Day 5 Part 2

After everyone was up for the day and breakfast was eaten, we headed to the South Carolina Aquarium.

College of Nursing and the Charleston Harbor

Our first stop was Hominy Grill, my favorite restaurant in Charleston.  I had the Huevos Rancheros.  So delicious.


They have a cool window where you can order to go orders.  It made it so much easier and quicker so we could get the food before heading to the aquarium.

The aquarium is located in Liberty Square.  While you are in Liberty Square, you can also get on a ferry to Fort Sumter.


Once we got into the South Carolina Aquarium, we went to the Shallows which gave us a view of the Arthur Ravenell Jr. Bridge.  The boys got to touch the sting rays while we were in the Shallows.



After we were finished with the Shallows area, we went to the Sea Turtle Rescue area.  The aquarium rescues sea turtles that have been injured.  They operate on them and put them in tank “hospital bed.”  Once they have recovered, they are released back into the wild.

It was the Imaginative One’s favorite exhibit.




Right next to the the Sea Turtle Rescue area is the Great Ocean Tank.  Enjoy this video of the tank.

Here are some photos of the Great Ocean Tank.



Next Saturday we are going to continue with the South Carolina Aquarium.

Have a magical day,

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