So What is Gluten? and Mom, What’s for Dinner, Week of October 2, 2017 – Blog Post #2

The dictionary definition for gluten is “the tough, viscid, nitrogenous substance remaining when the flour of wheat or other grain is washed to remove the starch.” or “glue or gluey substances.”  The origin of the word is glue.

So what foods is gluten found in?  There is a LOT of places where gluten is found.

I found this great infographic of foods that contain gluten.


It’s found in 24 different foods.   Some also say oats because they are typically grown with other gluten foods and there is possible cross contamination during processing.

I do eat gluten free oatmeal (Quaker or Bob’s Red Mill).  So there might be some recipes with oatmeal during this Write 31.

So what can I eat?  Here is another infographic with a list of gluten free foods.


I have gluten intolerance instead of celiacs.  There are times I am not as worried about cross contamination when I’m eating out.

My biggest problem with gluten is when I eat a baked good with gluten in it.  It changes my mood, gives me a headache, or makes me become fatigued.

Here is another infographic describing my issues with gluten.

According to the data EVERYONE is gluten intolerant BUT to varying degrees. -- Gluten intolerance symptoms and signs | Dr. Axe

As I stated yesterday, if you are wanting to go gluten free for weight loss, please remember you are repainting starches with starches.  You are not going to necessarily going to lose weight.  You might want to eat a Paleo diet.  (I’ll discuss what a Paleo diet is tomorrow.)

If you suspect a gluten intolerance, keep a food diary and how the food makes you feel.  I did that during my first weeks of being gluten free.

If after eliminating the gluten, you still feel those symptoms please go to a doctor.  There might be something else going on.

I also suggest doing a round of Whole 30 because it eliminates all of the possible foods that could cause you health problems.  The Whole 30 diet is basically a stricter version of Paleo.

Here is a laugh for this Monday.

The Imaginative One says that I keep trying to make them eat these foods.  I’m usually the only one who eats the green smoothies and zoodles when I make them.

Continue to the next page for our menu next week.

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