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Happy 14th birthday, Imaginative One!

Today is the Imaginative One’s 14th birthday!  I don’t how that happened.  It’s as though I blinked and 14 years had gone by so quickly.


This year is different for me.  I’m not with him to celebrate his 14th birthday.  He’s in Kentucky at Boy Scouts Camp which is something he truly enjoys.


Dear the Imaginative One,


During this past year, you’ve lost your aunt and had his one grandma move in with us and then moved into an apartment 3 minutes away.

You got Password, our Quaker parrot.  That bird trusts and loves you.

You’ve have traveled to Orlando and Charleston.  And have volunteered at a Vacation Bible School and a search and rescue for a task force.

You’ve grown A LOT and your voice has changed. You are now at least 5 foot 7 inches, maybe more.

You’re still the sarcastic, animal loving, book loving, gifted, chocolate loving, and a sometimes mama’s boy.  You make us laugh A LOT.  You frustrate your brother with your strict rule following at times.

You’re the only one that I know that has read the ENTIRE student handbook for the fun of it.

Happy birthday, my 40 year old in a 14 year old body – my old man.

I’m proud to be your Madam Gasho, mom, or dearest mother depending on your mood of the day.

You make us proud everyday!

I can’t wait to celebrate your birthday next week in Hershey, PA!


Your Madam Gasho, mom, or dearest mother, depending on your mood



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