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Holland, Michigan – Monday morning – Downtown Holland

Join me on Wednesdays for the Holland, Michigan photos.


Sunday Night – The Town

Sunday Night – Sunset

The next morning, we decided to first walk around the town and then go see the Windmill before leaving.

I wish we had time to visit the Hope College’s campus.  We did walk through one building.  I did get a photo of two of the murals in the building.


One of our first stops was JP’s Coffee and Espresso.  I love visiting local coffee places when I travel.

We also stopped at the Peanut Candy Shop.  I had a bad experience there because the owner did not like the fact I was taking photos of the candy.  She thought I was from another candy shop trying to get her prices.  The lady was extremely rude to me.

We enjoyed visiting Fustini’s Oils and Vinegar’s.  The lady waiting on us was extremely nice.






Making fudge at Kilwin’s Fudge Shop


The beautiful flowers around town

Join me next Wednesday.  I’m going to share more of my photographs of the some of the statues in the downtown area.




-Mark Twain

Have a magical day,


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