Monday Afternoon – Windmill Island Garden Park – Windmill (Photos and Video)

Holland, Michigan is known for its Dutch influence. One of the parks has beautiful gardens, buildings, and an authentic windmill. Join me today for photos of the authentic windmill.

Join me on Wednesdays for the Holland, Michigan photos.


Sunday Night – The Town

Sunday Night – Sunset

Monday Morning – Downtown area

Monday Morning – Statues

Monday Afternoon – Windmill Island Park – Buildings

Monday Afternoon – Windmill Island Garden Park – Flowers, Dike, and Canal

There is a 250 year old working wind mill in the garden called De Zwaan. De Zwann means graceful bird.

The windmill was moved to Holland, Michigan in 1965. It’s a working mill and if the winds are moving the correct miles per hour, you can see the blades actually moving.

The miller at De Zwaan, Alisa Crawford, actually went to Holland to learn her craft. She was not only the only American learning the craft, she was the only female. Hubby and I actually had a chance to talk with her.

View of the Windmill:



They had dancers in traditional outfits from the Netherlands. We watched them dancing before taking a tour of the windmill. Each outfit is representative to the region the person would have lived in and their economic status.



Here are some videos of the dancing:

Here is a video during part of the tour of the Windmill.

Here are photos from our tour of the Windmill:





View from where the balcony of the windmill. (I don’t know what it’s really called.)IMG_3722-COLLAGE.jpg






When we got to talk to the miller, Alisa Crawford. It was neat that we actually got to have a conversation with her.


Random shots from the windmill:




Join me next Wednesday. I’m going to share photos from Lake Michigan one more. Before we headed out of town, we went to find the Red Lighthouse.




-Mark Twain

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