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Holland, Michigan – Monday afternoon – Windmill Island Park – Buildings

Join me on Wednesdays for the Holland, Michigan photos.


Sunday Night – The Town

Sunday Night – Sunset

Monday Morning – Downtown area

Monday Morning – Statues

Monday Morning – Centennial Park

Before we left downtown Holland, we visited Windmill Island Gardens Park.  The next three blog posts are going to be photos from the park.  I’ve broken down the photos into buildings, flowers and bridge, and the windmill.

Before we left town, we went out to visit the Red Lighthouse.  So I’m going to share a post or two with those photos.

Windmill Island Park is a 36 Dutch inspired park with a working wind mill from the Netherlands.

Every May, they hold a tulip festival.  It’s now on my bucket list to go and see because I’ve heard it’s absolutely gorgeous.

Today I’m going to share some of the buildings.

The Posthouse



Trying on Wooden Shoes



Join me next Wednesday.  I’m going to share photos from Windmill Island Park – Gardens and bridge.




-Mark Twain

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