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Holland, Michigan – Sunday Night – The Town

Join me on Wednesdays for the Holland, Michigan photos.

Last July, Hubby and I decided to pick up the Imaginative One and his buddy from their DeMolay‘s Conclave.  If you have not heard about DeMolay, it’s a teenage boys’ Masonic organization.  Conclave is their state meeting.

We drove them from Conclave to Michigan for their Boy Scout Camp.  Hubby and I decided we were going to find somewhere in Michigan to spend the night.  We wanted to explore a new place.

Even though we only spent less than 24 hours in Holland, it was a town I won’t forget.

The town is absolutely gorgeous.

If you enjoy photography, this is a place to visit.  The architecture is great.  They have statues throughout the town.  I enjoyed taking photographs of those.

It’s located about 20 minutes from Lake Michigan.  We watched the sunset that night while on the beach.

There is a working windmill that was moved from the Netherlands.  We enjoyed visiting it.

Today’s post is our first views of the town.


I love this selfie of myself.  The window was the coolest.





July 21 (699)-COLLAGE

Hope College is also located in the town.  We did not have time to explore the campus even though we stayed right next to it.

Join me next Wednesday.  I’m going to share my photographs of the sunset over Lake Michigan.




-Mark Twain

Have a magical day,

10 thoughts on “Holland, Michigan – Sunday Night – The Town

  1. I definitely know what DeMolay is, I was once a Job’s Daughter and nominated a few times for Sweetheart of the local group.

    Holland looks like a fun place to stop. I’ll look for your pictures next week. 🙂

    1. I was in Rainbow. Holland is an excellent place to visit.
      Next week, I’m going to be sharing my photos of the sunset over Lake Michigan. So beautiful.

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