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Loveland Castle

My oldest has told me that I could be a tour guide of our area because I know a lot of places.  So during April, I’m going to share some of those local sights beginning with A and then ending with the letter Z.  I’ll be sharing these sights Monday through Saturday.  On Sundays, I’ll be continuing to share my Disney photos.

So where are these local sights?  They are mostly in the Dayton, Ohio area.  Some of them are in Columbus or the Cincinnati area.

Today we are traveling to Loveland, Ohio.  Loveland is located an hour south of where I live.  It’s located between Dayton and Cincinnati just fifteen minutes south of King’s Island Amusement Park.

In 1929, Harry Andrews began building a castle near the Little Miami River.  He was a Boy Scout leader and World War I veteran.  During the war, he contacted spinal meningitis.  He was declared dead so his fiance’ married another man.  After that he traveled around Europe visiting castles.

Once he got home, he began building the Loveland Castle on land that he and the Boy Scout troop acquired for free from the Cincinnati Enquirer.

He and his Boy Scout troop named the Knights of the Golden Trail would camp out on the land.  Since it was weather and wild animals, he began to build the castle.

He continued to build the castle until his death in 1981.  When he died, he left the castle to the Knights of the Golden Trail.

The castle is now open to the public.  The road to the castle is crazy so be careful if you go out there.  Harry also built the road to the castle.

I have only been there once.  It was for a geocaching Halloween event so all my photos were taken at night so I apologize for the quality of the photos.


collage 2

Join tomorrow as travel to a local mill that sells pancakes the size of your head.


Have a magical day,


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