Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm

My oldest has told me that I could be a tour guide of our area because I know a lot of places so during April. I’m going to share some of those local sights beginning with A and then ending with the letter Z.  I’ll be sharing these sights Monday through Saturday.  On Sundays, I’ll be continuing to share my Disney photos.


So where are these local sights?  They are mostly in the Dayton, Ohio area.  Some of them are in Columbus or the Cincinnati area.

Today I’m sharing the Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm located in Vandalia, Ohio.  It’s actually about ten minutes or so from the Dayton International Airport.

The only time I really go to Aullwood is for their Apple Fest which is held the last Saturday in September.  We enjoy visiting and eating the delicious goodies at the Apple Fest.  The boys enjoy helping press some of the apples for the apple cider.

Aullwood consists of two parts.  The farm where the Apple Fest is located and the trails/ garden area.  They are not next to each other but are within five minutes of each other.

The boys at 1 and 3 – The first time they went to the Apple Fest.

Our visit in 2015 – The Imaginative One could not go so it was only the Wee One, Hubby, and I.

The Imaginative One and my visit in 2016

We really enjoy visiting this place in September.  It marks the beginning of the fall season for us.

Join me on Monday for a local favorite that begins with the letter “B.”  We’ve visited Monday’s place many times especially when the boys were younger.

Have a magical day!

14 thoughts on “Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm”

  1. Fun theme! I lived in Central Ohio growing up and graduated from OSU and have lived in Cleveland for 17 years and have never been to Dayton. How is that possible? Look forward to finding some ideas for weekend getaways 🙂

  2. You have a new fan! My mom, grandma, and ancestors came from Dayton Ohio. I was actually born there, but we moved when I was 6 weeks old. I am a Californian. I’m also into genealogy and Ohio is a main place of interest for me so I am so happy to find you. Heck, maybe we’re related. Ha ha. Sometimes, I google earth the old home addresses I find on the censuses. Surprisingly, come are still standing.
    My theme this year, is about Baby boomers and the baby boom years we grew up in. Grab some cookies and milk, and come on over. Atomic Bombs

    1. Where in the Dayton area are they from? I lived in the eastern suburbs and after I got married I now live on the eastern side of Dayton.

      1. My mom was born in 1934 and grandma 1898 so it would be the old part of Dayton. Right off my memory, I remember a Brown St. 30Procter, I know there used to be a Hasenstab St. in Dayton. My moms dad’s family were German. My genealogy blog is

      2. That’s close to the University of Dayton and Miami Valley Hospital. My family is from close to Allwood.

        I will be talking about the University of Dayton area when I get to the letter U. There is a big cemetery there called Woodland Cemetery. It’s where the Wright Brothers are buried.

      3. I’ve been to the big catholic cemetery and another one where my moms side is all buried.I told my husband, we need to take a vacation to Dayton Ohio. 🙂

      4. There are a lot of areas that you don’t want to stop in if you were to go on vacation to Dayton. I don’t stop in some areas of town because of the crime. However, that is in any town.

      5. Yes my cousin told me. I was by myself so I didn’t get to go into the old north dayton, where my german immigrant family came to live in the 1900’s.

      6. Hasenstab Street is located near the Children’s Medical Center.
        I was actually sort of close to that street this morning.
        That’s close to downtown Dayton.

      7. Last night doing genealogy, I found I was born on 420 W First St, Dayton and my grandparents lived on Troy St. I googled and the the house my grandparents lived in 1917, is still there. Trippy!

    1. It is a lot of fun. It’s part of the Dayton Five Rivers Metro System. During the A to Z challenge, we are going to visit some other of their parks.

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