Koogler Wetlands/ Prairie Reserve (Beavercreek Wetlands)

I am fortunate to live in an unique area.  The Beavercreek Wetlands not only provide a place of recreation but also help with the watershed and provides homes for wildlife.

It’s in Beavercreek, Ohio which is an hour west of Columbus, ten miles to the east of Dayton, or about an hour north of Cincinnati.

It’s a place that we have enjoyed many times in the past.  It’s a great place to walk with or without the dog and to take photographs.  In September, they host a monarch butterfly tagging event.  We’ve gone to the monarch butterfly tagging event at least three times.

My favorite part of the wetlands is right by the parking lot.  There is an abandoned wall from a house that used to stand on the land.

The beaver dam is also pretty cool also.  (I don’t have any photos of the beaver dam in this post.  I’ll show those later.)

The only problem with the wetland is that when it rains or snows, the ground gets saturated with water.  It’s difficult to walk because of all of the water.

These photos were taken in March 2011.

I  hope you enjoy these photos of a local favorite attraction of ours.

Have a magical day,

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