5 Tips for the Getting a Tattoo

On February 4, I went to get my first tattoo.  Here’s a list of way I prepared myself for the tattoo and while I was getting my tattoo.

As a disclaimer, what worked for me might not work for you.  I had very little pain while getting my tattoo.  Instead I felt a lot of pressure. I didn’t bleed that much during or after the procedure.

Before the tattoo:

1.  Drink plenty of water

I made sure I drank enough water and opted to have hot tea with my breakfast instead of my usual coffee.  Coffee is a diuretic which will dehydrate your body.  When your body is dehydrated, you will bleed more while you are getting your tattoo.

My one cup of coffee in the morning would have been okay but I didn’t want to risk it.  I’m so glad I made sure I was well hydrated because I didn’t bleed that much while I was getting my tattoo.

Image result for photo of a water bottle

I also kept a water bottle with me during the tattooing procedure.  During the small breaks, I made sure to take sips of the water.

2.  Wear comfortable clothing

My tattoo is on my left shoulder so I wore a button down shirt with an undershirt with a built in bra.  The strap on the undershirt didn’t touch the tattoo so it was not irritated.

I was able to remove the left side of the button down shirt while I was getting my tattoo.

My pants were leggings so I was comfortable while I was laying there.

Image result for comfortable clothes

While getting the tattoo:

3.  Listen to your favorite music

While I was getting my tattoo, I had my Spotify set to play Aerosmith and P!nk.  I ended up just listening to P!nk which is good because she is such a bad ass.

I have Bluetooth headphones that I had hanging over my right shoulder and only had in my right ear so I could still hear the tattoo artist and Hubby if necessary.

Picking an artist or music that makes you feel empowered while help you while you are getting your tattoo.  It gave me something to focus on during the process.

4.  Find something to focus on while getting your tattoo

I found a picture of a Buddhist looking head in the tattoo shop that I focused on while I was getting my tattoo.  I’m such a visual person so that helped me so I didn’t think about the pain or pressure I was feeling.

5.  Have someone with you to offer support

Hubby made sure I got the tattoo.  He found the artist, contacted the artist, found the design, and then drove me to the tattoo parlor/ shop.  He was there in case I needed him.  I ended up being able to get it without him holding my hand.  It was nice to know he was there.  (Even though he did irritate me when his nervous energy was too much for me at one point.)

I forgot to mention one big tip:

Make sure you find a tattoo artist who you feel comfortable with – Sharon Kissel of Defining Skin in Columbus, Ohio is the tattoo artist who did my beautiful butterfly tattoo.

She is a mother of two boys like me.  She loves Disney just like me and has tattooed some wonderful Disney tattoos.  Sharon is also a Christian just like me which is important to me.

I’m so glad Hubby found her.  It was a great experience.

Also make sure the design of your tattoo is something you truly want on your body.  Mine is a memorial tattoo.  I’m in love the butterfly on my shoulder.

Also have fun.

In a future blog post, I’m going to share how I cared for my tattoo during the first week.

My bird and I cuddling while I was getting ready the other night.

Have a magical day,

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