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Joy and Countdown to 2017 – Day 4 – Top 10 Desserts

Webster’s Dictionary defines joy as a source or cause of delight.  What brings you joy in your life?

As a new year begins, a lot of people reflect over the year.  This is why I have been doing a countdown of the recipes I’ve shared over the year.

Today not only am I going to share the top 10 desserts from this year, something that brings people joy, I’m also sharing a list of the top 7 things that bring me joy.


Walt Disney World brings me joy.
I remember walking to the patio at the Contemporary Resort the day after Thanksgiving and tearing up when I saw Cinderella Castle. At that moment, I felt such joy.
Walt Disney World brings me joy because it was where I learned to take care of myself during my College Program.  When I’m there, I feel as though I’m home.



My boys bring me such joy.
The Imaginative One is very sarcastic.  He also has a passion for reading.  He’s been greeting me with “Hello, dearest mother,” “Hello, third tallest person in the house,” or “Guten Tag” lately.
The Wee One wants to be a cook or chef when he grows up.  He’s almost always complimentary with the meals I have cooked.
You never know what the boys are going to say or do.


Hubby brings me joy.
He has been in my life for 19 years.  Even though we have had our ups and downs through the years, we still love each other.


Photography brings me joy.
I love to photograph life.  I previously wrote about the importance of taking photos.

This is a photo that I took last night at a local mill.


Travel brings me joy.
I love exploring new and old places.  It’s fun to talk to locals.  Hubby and I have traveled to places like Chicago, St. Louis, Atlanta, and Lake Buena Vista.  We’ve also traveled to Canada and the Bahamas.
One of the items on our bucket list is to visit a zoo or aquarium in every state.  This goal allows us to visit so many new places.

The Muhammad Ali Museum in Louisville, Kentucky.


Sunrises and sunsets bring me joy.
Each sunrise and sunset reminds me of the beauty God created for us mere mortals.  There is always a beginning and an end.  He reminds us that each day is a new beginning.


This blog brings me such joy.
I’ve got several other blogs.  Ramblings of My Crazy Life and View from My Lens.
Lately I’ve figured out ways to work around some of the kinks with this blog.  So I may just use this blog instead of the other two blogs.
This blog allows me to share recipes and now deal with the grief of losing my sister.

This post was part of Mama’s Kat’s Writing Prompts.

Mama’s Losin’ It

If you are looking for my top 10 desserts of 2016, please continue to page 2 of this post or  click here.  I know desserts bring some people joy.

9 thoughts on “Joy and Countdown to 2017 – Day 4 – Top 10 Desserts

  1. That photograph is absolutely stunning! I love taking pictures although I’m not a professional! I just love snapping shots for the sake of it. You surely have a gift!
    I haven’t been to Disney since i was really little. I’d love to go again someday!
    Have a Happy New Year 🙂

    1. I’m in no way professional with my photos. Several photos that I took last night were deleted because they were not that great.

      Thank you for the compliment.

  2. I love the picture of the mill. It’s quite lovely.

    Missouri boasts a couple of decent zoos. The St. Louis Zoo is free and it has an awesome stingray and shark exhibit! I took my Girl Scout troop there this past May. The Kansas City Zoo is pretty great too. My daughter and I made it just in time to see the Koalas before they headed back to San Diego. I don’t even live in Missouri, just right over on the other side in Kansas.

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