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Cherry-Lime Infused Water

I love cherry limeades from Sonic.  Love, love, love them.  Actually I love almost anything cherry flavored.  Yum!

I was craving fresh cherries the other day. However it is not cherry season so there is no fresh cherries to be found or they are super expensive.  I opted to get frozen cherries instead.  So when I was deciding what type of infused water I wanted to take to work, I decided that cherry-lime would be a good flavor.

So what is infused water?  You soak fruit in water in order to extract the flavor.  We all know what is good for you so infusing water is a good way to get your water intake.  It’s a natural way to flavor water.

When I was on the Disney cruise, they would have water, lemonade, and ice tea infused with fruit as you came back to the Disney Dream after being at a port of call.  I ended up going through the ship security with multiple cups of flavored water and lemonade.  So yummy!

flavored water - Disney



Cherry-Lime Infused Water

Stars of the recipe:

  • lime, sliced up
  • cherries, fresh (pitted) or frozen
  • water


  1. Fill up your container with water.
  2. Add the cherries and lime.
  3. Allow the fruit to infuse the water or flavor it. (At least for an hour or two or even overnight.)
  4. Enjoy!

So what do I use to infuse my water?  I have a Define bottle with a built in strainer.  There are other types of bottles that are created for infusing water.  However, you can also use a Mason jar.  Just take out the pieces of fruit and strain the water so you don’t have chunks of fruit.

Happy drinking,

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