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 This October, I decided to take the 31-day challenge of writing / posting a post every day in October.  My topic for the challenge is Slow Cooking Meals.  

My crazy self decided I needed a separate blog dedicated to slow cooking.  I aim to post at least once a week or every other week with a new slow cooking recipe.  That is once the challenge is over.

So why do I like slow cooking so much?  Slow cooking allows me to get food on the table consistently.  I can prepare the meals the night before and then start the crock pot in the morning or prepare them in the morning to cook all day.  (If I do it in the morning, I have some prep done beforehand.)

My family gets delicious meals, and I don’t have to worry about Hubby fixing our dinner.  I usually give him specific directions if he is to cook dinner for us.

Why do you like slow cooking?  How does slow cooking help you?  Or do you not like slow cooking?  Why is that?  Please comment below.

In future posts, I’ll introduce you to the crock pot I use daily.  I have 3 others that I don’t use as much.  I’ll talk about tips and tricks.  

On my other blog, I posted a recipe/ method for “baking” potatoes in the crock pot for an easy meal or even part of a baked potato bar.

Let’s cook it slow together!

Happy eating,

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